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What is the best time of year to go to Monument Valley in Utah?


An experienced tour guide will not only guide you as you explore Monument Valley, but will also take you to traditional Indigenous homes and get you in touch with their customs and traditions directly. The Ear of the Win is particularly nice. We stopped in half a cave to listen to panflute music and see old Anasazi felroglyphs. Ford finally shot seven different Westerns in Monument Valley, including Stagecoach in 1939, who drove John Wayne to fame and popularized the Western genre.

Either book one of the many guided tours organized by Navajo, or explore the valley on a self-guided tour.

How long does it take to drive through Monument Valley?

If you’re visiting Monument Valley, you should visit nearby Goosenecks State Park, one of Utah’s amazing state parks. If you arrive early, you’ll also have the option to try Navajo fry bread for breakfast at the View Restaurant in the Visitors Center before the 17-mile road through Monument Valley is open to traffic. The impressive landscape of Monument Valley becomes an auspicious beauty when the red monuments are sprinkled with white snow against a blue sky. North of Monument Valley is the village of Mexican Hat, named after the inverted sombrero-shaped rock formation that is visible from the back road.

The ultimate trip in Monument Valley is a day trip (with optional overnight stay) to Hunt’s Mesa.

Is it worth driving through Monument Valley?

Loyal said that there are many local Navajo people who want to completely restructure the way Monument Valley Tribal Park works to keep more control and regulation (and money) in Navajo’s hands. While the road is a dirt road, it is very well maintained and a four-by-four vehicle is not required to drive the loop. There are areas in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park that only Navajo guides have access to and are allowed to host tourists. During the route on Valley Drive, near Camel Butte (on your left), you’ll find yourself at a fork in the road.

What is the best time of year to go to Monument Valley?

As with most other places in the American Southwest, the best time to visit Monument Valley is in late spring and early fall. Visitors come to Monument Valley all year round, but most come in spring and fall to get the most out of the high desert environment. However, the majority of visitors agree that the sunset views from their View Hotel are priceless regardless of the time of year. If you see a picture of Monument Valley from a road trip on any Instagram account, it will come from Forrest Gump Point.

Autumn (September and October) Autumn, like spring, is probably the best time to visit Monument Valley, particularly in September.



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